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Meet the local experience team. Who we are and what we want!

The local experience team is a group of friends who share the same passions, the same concerns and similar thoughts about travel, holidays, good quality food, fun, people’s relationships, and in general, about the attitude and philosophy we need to have for life itself.

The local experience team consists of four founding members: Antonios Farsaris, who is the initiator of the idea, but also actively involved in the platform as a host of experiences, Manolis Skivalakis, who is responsible for the solution of all issues requiring legal coverage and security, Dimitris Siganos, who is also a host of experience, and George Tzenios, who is in charge of resolving mobility issues.

We all share the same passion about mature alternative tourism and we like to find new activities, to meet new people, restless like us, to coexist with all kinds of cultures, to try high quality local dishes and to gain new authentic experiences.

Around the team of local experience, there are dozens of people who have joined hands with us, helping to realize the idea of ​​its initiator and co-founders, providing significant help both for building and supporting the platform, taking care of issues of security and protection, as well as by helping as hosts and supportive members of the whole effort!

Our goal and desire is to combine human thoughts, actions and everyday local people with all the visitors of their place in order to create authentic, unique, unforgettable life experiences.

So, don’t waste another minute! Join us and you will enjoy real life experiences, you will enjoy local experience!

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