Get to know the herbs of western Crete

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An experiential and wellbeing trip in nature.


We welcome you to our property!

Together we will discover the tradition, the history, the natural heritage and the therapeutic properties of the Cretan herbs by using all our senses.

We will also get to know their natural environment while actively taking part to various activities related to them, such as tasting, trying to prepare local drinks learning about their natural preparation according to a traditional technique that has remained unspoilt with the lapse of time.

A visit to our property can be done from April to October within the frame of a program of experiential tours for all of you who want to get to know the bio herbs of Crete, the philosophy behind, the tradition, their relationship with the environment, their beneficial- therapeutic properties, to smell, to taste and to enjoy the experience of a tour that is a journey in time and in the bosom of nature.

The host – Rodo Vasilaki with her scientific knowledge and training, but also driven by her feelings of love for the tradition of her land, will guide you to the world of the Cretan herbs by means of observation, listening, discussions and participation to activities.

The transmission of knowledge about the beneficial-therapeutic properties of herbs, the importance of biological culture, the way they are planted and harvested and also the way they are being used, the preparation of drinks by means of interactive action, all this offer a genuine and pleasant experience.

At the end, after having tried and tasted you can choose the herbs that suit you and, why not, even experiment and try your own combination of Cretan herbs.

Groups of visitors but also individuals can enjoy the experience of an experiential tour on our property.

The tour starts at 9 a.m. Together we will get to know the land, walk among fields of Cretan mountain tea, discover the history and the tradition of the Cretan herbs growing in the natural environment of the Omalos Mountain.

Watching the works that are being done on the property according to each season, we will get involved in interactive planting, harvesting, weeding, learning, at the same time about the natural process of drying and preserving all their properties. We will discover the beneficial and therapeutic properties of these herbs, learning ways of using them to prepare drinks and infusions.

During the tasting we will discover flavors and aromas and prepare the drinks in the traditional way. Letting our imagination and taste buds free, we can create mix of herbs and enjoy these unique drinks made of Cretan herbs in the middle of the Omalos Plateau.


Tips for the visitors
• Suncream
• Hat – Sunglasses
• Shoes suitable for the farm

From Program Α: 19€, Program Β: 15€
per adult

From Free entry for kinds under 5€
per kid


Program A: 2.5 hours, Program B: 1.5 h


Water, drinks, experiential activities and information about the herbs.


Nitrile gloves, manual garden tools, chair, drinks tasting vessel, drinks preparation vessels.


Greek, English





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