The balcony of the sky Mountain – Livestock farming – Private

Nature  | Charalambos

Traditional livestock farming, which has remained unchanged over the years, unfolds in front of you.

Our meeting point for this excursion is set outside the Homo sapiens museum, located after the village of Kera, on the provincial road of Hersonissos-Neapoli, towards the Lassithi Plateau, at 11am.

Together we will follow for about half an hour a specially shaped road leading to the stockyard of the breeder, Charalambos Mendelenakis.

As soon as we get to the stockyard, you will be impressed by the energy of the place and the breathtaking view. After we drink a local herbal tea and relax, the shepherd will demonstrate the way that livestock farming has been practiced for centuries in Crete. Depending on the season, we will learn how cheese is made and how other livestock activities, such as milking, feeding and sheep shearing, are done.

Also, Charalambis will talk about the history of his place as well as about the healing properties of the herbs of the surrounding area.

At the end of the show, we will taste local traditional dishes in a specially designed area on the edge of the cliff, with an incredible view of the plain that spreads below the stockyard, while Charalambis will show us his musical skills as he will be playing the local flute (thiaboli).

At the end, we will go back having gained a unique cretan livestock farming experience.

Who can join this experience?

Visitors over 10 years old


Comfortable closed shoes (athletic or mountain boots), comfortable clothes and optionally sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.



3,5 hours


Water, tea with local herbs, local cheese, full meal and local wine


No special equipment is required


Greek, English





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